Contact with the estate

  1. What is the best way to contact you with questions?

    You can e-mail us at or call/leave a message on 07595 020575. As staff are out and about most days, you are more than likely to find the phone unattended but we will respond to messages as soon as possible.

  2. If someone needs to contact me during my stay, how could they do that?

    By using the above e-mail address or phone number. Unfortunately we do not have someone at the computer/phone during all office hours but staff will do their best to pass any messages on.

Travel Arrangements

  1. Where is the long stay car park in Mallaig?

    As you drive into Mallaig you will see the car park to your left.

  2. Why do we need to contact the Western Isles to confirm the ferry trip?

    They will keep an eye out for you to make sure that you are not left behind, particularly if the train is running late.

  3. How far is it from the train station to the ferry?

    It’s a 2-3 minute walk – the ferry departs from “the steps” on the old pier (not the Caledonian Macbrayne terminal).

  4. How do we get from the ferry to the cottages?

    The ferry sails to Tarbet Bay. The Estate Boat will meet you off the ferry to transfer you and your luggage the short distance to the pier at Kylesmorar. On arrival at the pier there is still no need to carry your luggage as we have a vehicle waiting to do just that.

  5. What if we cannot make the ferry to the estate or need to leave earlier than the ferry’s departure time?

    You would need to make your own arrangements with one of the skippers listed on our Things to do page. If in doubt, give us a ring or drop us an e-mail to see what we’d suggest.


  1. Can we restock our supplies during the week?

    If you contact the Co-operative in Mallaig before 10:00 on any morning (or the day before) they will accept a credit card payment for your food supplies and send them up on the afternoon ferry to Tarbet.

  2. What does the estate supply in terms of food?

    The estate does not supply any food. We have a small ‘welcome pack’ for guests.


  1. Can we use one of the estate boats on our visit?

    Unfortunately not for health & safety reasons.

  2. Do we need to arrange a day out in advance?

    Some trips may need arrangements to be made in advance. Please see our Things to do page.

  3. Do you have freezer facilities?

    The Old Post Office has no freezer facilities. The Bothy has a fridge-freezer and the Wee House has a fridge with a small freezer compartment.

  4. Do you have laundry facilities?


  5. Can we swim in the loch?

    You are welcome to try at your own risk; it has been done. We suggest that you use a wetsuit, keep an eye out for jelly fish and avoid the narrows where the tides are very strong.

  6. Can we bring kayaks on to the ferry?



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